What is Cofounders Press?

CofoundersPress is a social news aggregator site for startups and tech companies to share news, press releases, and content.
CofoundersPress is powered by FoundersBeta community.

How does posting work?

In order to post, you have to sign up to a member or if member already can submit news. Membership info can be found here.

What kind of news can I submit?

News related to startups, technology, venture capital, founders stories, and more.

Is there a review process before items get published?

All posted content are subject to editorial team review to ensure guidelines are met.

Does it cost anything to join Cofounders Press?

Yes, to keep the publication sustainable our membership info can be found here.

Can I edit a post after it’s been published?

Yes you can edit your post after publication.

Where do I access my draft posts?

Once you draft your posts can be found under your profile page.

Can I schedule a post in advance?

No, we currently don’t have that feature.

I love your website! How can I support the Cofounders Press community?

The best way is to support us by becoming a member.

I have a feature idea, where can I send it?

You can submit to hello@foundersbeta.com